Knowing the differences between bathroom tiles and pool tiles can help you make better decisions about designing your dream house. This way, you’ll buy the right materials, and you’ll happily enjoy your home for a long time without having to do constant repairs. 

Pool Tiles Features 

The pool has an acidic and alkaline environment. Pool tiles have been specially created to resist powerful sunlight and constant exposure to water. 

For this, the manufacturer puts a special glaze that you won’t find otherwise on bathroom tiles. Thus, swimming pool tiles are much easier to clean, their colors don’t fade, and they’re more resistant to different chemicals. 

Plus, that special glaze makes them anti-slip too. After all, you must be extra sure that nobody slips on the pool tiles, no matter if they’re dry or wet. 

If you’re wondering about the most popular swimming pool tiles, here are 2 high-quality options: 


Bathroom Tiles Features

First of all, those regular tiles you use to decorate your bathroom are made for the interior of your home. By default, they won’t be as durable as the ones made for the exterior. 

While bathroom tiles are also water-resistant, they are not the same thing as swimming pool tiles. Regular bathroom tiles don’t have the same endurance if they stay underwater 24/7.
If you choose, for any reason, to use bathroom tiles in your pool, you’ll have to replace them pretty quickly because they don’t absorb the water as well as pool tiles do. 

Choosing the right type of tiles for your house and pool will make your place look amazing, creating a charming ambiance for your home! 

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