The geometrical patterns of waterjet mosaics will give your home a relaxing ambiance, and it’ll definitely attract all the attention whenever you have visitors.

The tiles are cut with the waterjet, which is considered a much cleaner and healthier cutting technique because you don’t stay in fumes, gas, or other similar chemical pollutants. Also, it eliminates any risk of deformation or discoloration. 

Besides, with a waterjet, you can make your customized designs and patterns, so you can rest assured that your home is unique and designed for your taste. 

Inspire Yourself With These 14 Ideas for Waterjet Mosaics! 

1. Black Honed Amulet Marble Waterjet Mosaics 


2. White & Grays Stone Waterjet Mosaics


3. White & Grays Stone Waterjet Mosaics

4. Euphoria Calacatta Gold & White Waterjet Mosaics 

5. White Trellis Waterjet Mosaics

6. Paper White Marble Waterjet Mosaics

7. Calacatta 12×12 Waterjet Mosaics


8. Carrara Trellis Waterjet Mosaics


9. Wooden Gray Carrara Fiore Waterjet Mosaics


10. VeronaWhite & Grey Carrara Waterjet Mosaics


11. Black, Grey & White Waterjet Mosaics


12. Bianco Carrara Beige Waterjet Mosaics 


13. Thassos Fiore Waterjet Mosaics


14. Calacatta Bluette Fiore Waterjet Mosaics


Do you want to see more ideas for waterjet mosaics? Visit our Pinterest board, or take a look at our waterjet mosaics products

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