Is your kitchen starting to feel tired and overdue for a makeover? Imagine your kitchen countertop replaced with modern and contemporary materials. Maybe you’ve looked at some options and are having a challenging but enjoyable time deciding which one to get.

Countertops are significant fixtures in a kitchen, and they can dictate the overall theme and style by themselves. It’s essential to go over the choices carefully. Make sure to have a good balance of functionality and aesthetic style. The good thing about countertops is that you won’t have to be locked on one design. Most modern kitchens combine two or three countertops that create a refreshing and unique effect!

Why not do the same? Here are some mix and match ideas for your new countertops that will bring a breath of new life to your kitchen.

Side By Side

One of the most popular countertop mix and match designs places one countertop made of one material, such as granite, beside another countertop made of a different material, such as butcher block. This design visually separates the two countertops, each with its respective functionality and workspace. Homeowners get to enjoy how one material looks while having the option to make the most out of the other countertops’ functionality. Install water and heat resistance for your sink and stove countertop, then a wood countertop for your eating area.

High Contrast

If a striking statement is what you need, then opt for having a high contrast countertop design. Pair up pale limestone with dark hardwood, or try out white marble with high-sheen concrete. Aside from the color, you can also experiment with contrasting textures- try out rough and smooth for a tactile as well as a visual treat. A wooden kitchen island exudes a warm aura; combine it with steel perimeter countertops for a clash of contemporary and rustic.

High contrast is one of the best budget countertop renovations that provide a distinct feel. For example, get inexpensive wood to cover up most of the kitchen countertop, then highlight with a slab of expensive marble. Imagination is the only limit you’ll have when going for a high contrast design.

Contemporary Colors

If garish and bold isn’t what you’re looking for, then you can try the next best thing- contemporary. It’s trendy, and it still has quite an impact on the aesthetic aspect. Let’s say you like having quartz as the material for your countertop. You can have a patterned white and grey quartz for the kitchen island while enjoying a white countertop slab for your stove and sink area.

Wood Combos

Are you aiming for a countertop that will take you back years in time? The rustic look is a classic design that never gets old. Wood countertops are very versatile and can be combined with almost anything. It goes particularly well with a butcherblock-type of kitchen design, but you can also pair it up with other surface materials such as quartz, concrete, soapstone, marble, or granite.


Consider having an asymmetrical design for your kitchen countertop for an actual one-of-a-kind effect. You can make use of different shapes, such as oddly-angled countertops or rounded corners. Also, you can install a raised wooden countertop as an eating space with a marble material right in the middle.

A good pair of countertop materials can bring out a whole new look to your kitchen space. Try to experiment, and you’ll quickly find that there’s an endless amount of customization options ranging in color, texture, pattern, material, and of course, design. The result depends on your preference, whether you’re looking for a subtle mix of classic complementary colors or high contrast countertops for a kitchen that wows the visitors each time.