Do you want to do a remodeling project, but you don’t know if it’s worth it? Remodeled bathrooms have the highest ROI! And cheaper for that matter too! And it doesn’t even need to be something spectacular – a small change is even better than a whole remodeling project. 

The best part about it? It’ll have a significant impact on the whole ambiance of your bathroom. For example, if you don’t want to lose time and money by replacing everything in the bathroom, you can change your grout color. 

And if you want to keep that elegant and luxurious vibe for as long as you can, the best thing you can do it’s to apply a high-quality grout sealer. 

But how can you do that effectively without ruining the aspect of the bathroom tiles? Here’s a quick guide about everything you should do once you’ve installed a new grout! 

How Can You Seal Grout on a Tile Floor? 

Applying grout sealer is very important once the job’s finished because it helps the grout last longer and looks beautiful. Also, the sealer protects the grout against mold, moisture, or any other dirty things that can make the grout and the tiles crack. 

The grout is a porous material, so it gets dirty easily – that’s why you have to protect it against discoloration. Applying grout sealer should be done regularly – once per year for kitchen grout, and more often for bathroom grout because it’s exposed to moisture frequently. 

So once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the grout and scrubbed any dirt or excess material, let the area dry for at least one h before applying the sealer. 

How Can You Seal Grout in Shower? 

Please make sure that you’re choosing the right sealer for the type of tile that you have. There are a lot of sealers specially made for the bathroom. You can find out which one works best with: 

  • Stone 
  • Ceramic tiles 
  • Marble 


Apply the grout sealer slowly and on a small area, gradually working your way up to the whole bathroom. Ensure that every hole is filled in properly, and use a dry cloth to wipe off any excess material. 

Once you’re done with the first layer of sealer, wait around 1 hour before applying the second layer. 

An excellent way to test if the sealer is applied correctly is to let it dry and splash the surface with a bit of water. If the water turns into droplets, then you’re good to go! If not, you can apply a third layer of grout sealer! 

Do you have any questions regarding how you can seal grout on a tile floor? Or maybe you’re not sure what kind of grout sealer you should get? Our online store has more than 40+ available colors and supplies, so don’t hesitate to ask our specialists anything you’d like to know! 

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