Grout is a mix of additives (sand, silica, and so on) and cement that can last up to 25 years if they’re correctly installed and well maintained throughout the years. 

The first thing in the process is learning how to mix grout correctly. 

Essential Tips on How to Mix Grout 

First of all, choose the type of grout based on the lines you gave to fill: 

  • Sanded grout for wider lines
  • Non-sanded fruit for narrow lines


Next, you’ll have to choose a good additive that will increase the grout’s lifespan. 

In a bucket, mix the grout powder with ¾ water, It is a general rule, but always check the label for further instructions. 

Then, take a trowel and mix until you’ve made a thick paste similar to peanut butter. Let the grout mixture sit for 10 minutes, and you’re good to go! 

Also, don’t forget that proper maintenance is also the key to long-lasting beautiful grout. To make it more attractive and more durable, use grout treatment after you’ve finished the job. For this, you can use special grout sealants that protect the grout and the tile. 

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