Having pets living inside your home can be detrimental to your flooring. If you’re wondering what type of floors can take a beating with your pets tramping around and running inside, then look no further. We have the best pet-friendly tile options for you.

Why Tiles?

Hardwood and carpet may be the most popular choices across homes in the US, but they aren’t the best option when you have a pet inside the house. Tile is the best option if you wish to keep your beloved canine or feline companion inside while keeping your flooring intact and well-maintained.

Tile flooring can prevent some of the most common pet-related damages outlined below:

  • Pet hair can get trapped and accumulate in your carpet fiber. It will prove to be a challenge to remove
  • Spillage from food and water for your pet
  • Tracking mud or dirt indoors, coming from your pet’s paws or fur – Your pet’s nails can scratch wood surfaces and snag on the carpet – Pet accidents can leave stains and unpleasant odor.

There are tile materials that are spill and stain-proof, which can be especially useful for homeowners who have pets living inside.

Stone Tiles

Natural stone can stand up to the everyday wear and tear of your pet’s claws, food, and stains. It’s durable and not to mention beautiful. You can have them sealed to make them highly resistant to spillages and wear. Some of the softer materials, such as travertine and marble, may not be good options because they require higher maintenance than quartzite or granite materials.

Porcelain Tiles

The material porcelain is like ceramic in that it’s highly durable and hard. Many flooring experts recommend tile floors for families who have pets. They will be happy to find that their energetic or large-breed dogs won’t be able to leave scratches or permanent spills on their flooring.

Porcelain tiles also come with an almost unlimited design option. You can install this flooring on any part of your home. It comes in a wide variety of colors and textures. You can choose tiles that look like natural stones to create an organic look. You can also select the wood-like tiles for a classic design without the maintenance required on actual hardwood flooring.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are a cost-efficient and hardy flooring solution for families that keep pets. They are versatile and easy to clean. Ceramic flooring materials are often used in bathrooms and kitchens, but they are also welcome in any part of your home.

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