Have you ever thought about boosting your home curb appeal with some natural stone? Good news! Natural stone tile flooring comes with many other excellent advantages: 

  • It is easy to maintain 
  • Keeps your home cool
  • It adds warmth to your home 

Plus, if you think about installing underfloor heating, natural stone is an excellent option since it is an excellent heat conductor. 

Two of the most popular and stylish choices for natural stone are Calacatta and Carrara marble. 

The differences between these two types of Italian natural stones are subtle. In many cases, even experts are having a great time differentiating them. That is because we are talking about nuances and vein colors. And to complicate things even more, most of the Calacatta marble comes from Carrara, Italy

So let’s shed some light on this subject! 

Calacatta Tiles

If you want to give your home a unique touch, then Calacatta is the perfect solution. That is because to make one slab; the manufacturers use one big block. And that is the reason why Calacatta marble is harder to find than Carrara. 

When professionals install your floor, they know how to combine its unique veins into an astonishing pattern. 

Calacatta veins are soft, smooth, white, and thick. And as soon as you have it in your home, you will understand why Calacatta is considered a luxury stone. 

Carrara Tiles 

On the other hand, Carrara is cheaper and easier to find than Calacatta tiles. One of the most prominent features is that Carrara does not have that pure white characteristic. Unlike Calacatta, Carrara’s features seem a bit “muddy” but pleasant. 

Carrara’s veins are bold, more linear, and dramatic. The veins’ color tends to hue toward blue, but that is not necessarily a rule. 

So, as a quick reminder – you do not have to learn by heart all these differences. If you have any questions, contact our specialists, and they would love to help you out! 


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