Before making any crucial changes to your home, learning the advantages of using different materials is important. This time, we’ll be talking about the differences between polished and honed stones and what are the pros of using one or another. 

Choosing a natural stone is one of the best options to make your home elegant and modern. 

Polished and honed are 2 of the most popular stone finishes you can choose for your house. 


Polished Stones Advantages 

Unlike honed stones, a polished one is more reflective. It means that the colors, crystal textures, and stone patterns will be more vibrant and visible. 

Because of this, maintain a polished stone will be a bit harder than a honed one. You about have to choose softener and easy cleaners that do not affect the stone protective layer.

But it does not mean the polished stone is not a great option. Because of that extra protective layer – this kind of finish is more restaurant to staining. 

Honed Stone Advantages 

This stone is perfect for those who love marble but are not looking forward to seeing scratches on the surface in the future. Honed finishes hide perfectly any grazes or blemishes that can be visible over time. 

From this perspective, honed stone has lower maintenance than polished stones. Besides, they are great options for high-traffic areas and heavily used spaces.


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