Do you want to freshen up the look of your bathroom, but the tiles are still in perfect condition? Or maybe you want to change something without spending a fortune on a remodeling project? Regrouting might be the perfect answer for you! 

Without a doubt, the bathroom is the most used room in your house. Statistics show that we spend up to 85 minutes in the bathroom daily. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise if your bathroom doesn’t look like it used to a few years ago. 

But regrouting is a great option to fix any cracked grout and make your bathroom look classy and beautiful once again. Here are a few tips on how to regrout tiles efficiently and proficiently! 

5 Suggestions for Regrouting Your Tiles Like a Pro

1. Clean Your Grouts

Only after your grouts are clean can you see what you need to do. If they’re starting to fall or if they’re old, you can change them entirely. Use soft cleaners and a toothbrush and gently brush the grouts. 

2. Remove The Old Grout

Before reapplying new grout, make sure the old one is completely gone. Use a grout remover to do this task efficiently. 

3. Choose a Different Grout Color

Nice, contrasting color can be a great option to give your bathroom a whole new vibe. If you want to make it even brighter, choose neutral tones!

4. Seal the New Grout

After you replaced and cleaned your new grout, don’t forget to use a special grout sealant. This way, you protect it from future stains, mildew, and moisture. 

5. Call in the pros 

Sometimes, the easiest way to save time and money is to call the experts because they already know what to do! 

Besides, regrouting can have many other benefits: 

  • It can protect your tiles 
  • It prevents mold and moisture from growing in your walls
  • It changes the ambiance of your bathroom 
  • It gives your home a fresher look 

Are you ready to regrout your tiles and make your bathroom beautiful again? Take a look at our regrouting supplies! 

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