Choosing the right material, whether it’s granite or ceramic, that goes well with the ambiance of your home is essential. Otherwise, your new floor will look out of place, and you’ll need to make extra adjustments to match the whole design of your house. 

Pros of Using Granite Tiles for Interior 

If you want a classy, elegant, and modern-looking home, granite tiles are exactly what you need! However, there are fewer colors and styles available for granite on the market. 

In terms of maintenance, you should pay extra attention to granite because it can be easily damaged. Strong, acidic cleaners stain your floor, so you’ll have to clean the tiles with something softer.  

Pros of Using Ceramic Tiles for Interior 

On the other hand, Ceramic tiles give you more freedom when it comes to colors and patterns. There’s a high chance that you’ll find almost anything you want available on the market. 

Although ceramic is less durable than granite, cleaning them is very easy. 

When it comes to pricing, keep in mind that ceramic tiles are cheaper than granite. Not because the quality is poor, but because granite is natural. 

The great news is that both ceramic and granite tiles are water-resistant and highly durable. But all in all, the best decision is to talk with some specialists about it and check some beautiful ceramic tiles or get inspired with our Pinterest granite board

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