Imagine that your dream bathroom is almost ready! The only thing you should do to enjoy your oasis of relaxation is removing grout from the tile. But how can you do that efficiently and without damaging your tiles?  

Statistics show that people spend, on average, around 23 minutes a day in the bathroom. Thus, making sure the place looks impeccable is a must. 

Efficient Methods to Remove Grout From Tile Surface

If the grout is still wet, all you need to clean the tiles is water and a clean sponge, and you’re good to go. However, if the grout has dried, you have two different options:  

By Cleaning the Grout With Soft Cleaners

If you decide to clean your tiles with soft cleaners, you can choose between more options: 

The Sugar and Water Method

Put equal quantities of water and sugar and mix them well until the sugar dissolves in the water. Pour the mixture over the grout that needs to be removed and wait around 2 hours. With a wooden stick, proceed to scrape the grout and remove all the material. 

The Wire Wool Method

Wire wool is more abrasive and, thus, more effective than a wooden stick or a pad. If you need to remove grout with wire wool, apply gentle pressure at the beginning to avoid damaging the tiles. If it’s needed, you can use more force gradually. 

The Water and Wood Method

Another simple method is to pour water on the grout that must be removed and let them soak for a few hours. With a woodblock, apply pressure around the ground and remove all the chunks that appear on the tile’s surface. Pour water again and repeat the process until you remove all the grout you need.

By Cleaning the Grout With Special Tools 

 For this method, you must have: 

  • Protection goggles
  • Vacuum
  • A utility knife
  • Oscillating tool  


All you have to do is put your perfection goggles on and then gently remove the grout with the oscillating tool and vacuum the dust and the removed materials. 

However, remember that using professional tools requires extra attention and experience, so it’s better to let the professionals do it. 

No matter how you decide to remove grout from tiles, one thing’s sure – it’s not easy work. Prioritize your safety and comfort, and equip yourself with good tools, gloves, and knee pads. 

However, if you’d like to give your home a completely new vibe, you can ask a professional to change the color of your grouts. 

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