As you’ve probably guessed, every step is essential when you’re remodeling your house. Take proper care of your grout, and your home will look as good as new even after 20 years! If you don’t mix the grout well, the mixture will get too crumbly or too mushy, and it’s true for letting your grout dry too! If you don’t let it long enough, it’ll crack and break your tiles. 

So How Long Does Grout Need to Dry?  – 5 Popular Grout Types

1. White Dry Non-Sanded Grout

Once you’ve grouted the area, occasionally sprinkle some cool and clean water for three days. Once you’ve also sealed the fruit, let it dry for around 48-72 hours. 

2. Cement-based Grout

Always keep in mind to wait 24-72 hours before applying a grout sealer!

3. SimpleGrout Premixed Grout

Let it dry for at least 24 hours at a temperature above 10ºC or 50°F. 

4. Polyblend Plus Bright Grout

If installed outside, this type of grout shouldn’t get exposed to humidity for at least seven days. For indoor projects, you should leave it dry for at least 72 hours. 

5. Pre-Mixed Urethane Grout

This type of grout can get exposed to water after three days of curing. The best part is that this grout doesn’t need to get sealed! 


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