Have you recently thought about giving your home a brand new look, but at the same time, you’re perfectly aware that your bathroom and kitchen tiles are still in mint condition? Changing your grout’s old color might be just the correct answer for you. 

However, this process can be a challenge too. You have to pay attention to the material and make sure that you’re following every step precisely. 

So let’s see how you can change the color efficiently and without making too much mess. 

How to Change Grout Color Efficiently and Quickly

Firstly, you have to scrub the grout lines very well with a stiff sponge or brush and, after that, rinse the area. Once you’ve masked the tiles with a layer of plastic to protect them, you can apply the grout colorant carefully. Wipe off the excess colorant, and you’re good to go! 

Choosing the right grout color can be challenging too. If you don’t know what color you should choose for your home, here’s a quick guide on how to pick the grout color that fits your house’s ambiance. 

Once you’ve chosen the perfect match, you can apply it according to the steps provided above. To make sure it lasts longer, you can add an extra protective layer of grout sealer. 

However, changing the color of your grout because you’d like to give a brand-new look to your home is just one situation. You can choose this process even when you have other problems like: 

  • Grout discoloration 
  • The poor condition of the grout 
  • Too much mold or moisture on your grout can affect the tiles in the long run 

For any situation that arises, our store got your back with more than 40 grout available colors. Check them out and see what supplies suit your home ambiance best!  


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